Curse of Eternity

This World Burns

Nearly all who still survive are magically enslaved by the demigoddess, Midrhada. Whether it is luck, strength of will, or some blessing of the Gods, you've managed to resist the Curse for now.

The only way to achieve true freedom is to dethrone Midrhada. You must travel to every edge of the Viridian Empire, find her guardians, and slay them in order to cleave a path to the Empress herself. You'll face countless enemies and beings of incredible power. Your tortuous path is laid with traps and obscured by tests of skill and wit. Can you defeat Midrhada and overcome this Curse of Eternity?

Fierce Combat

It's not all about the grind. You have to fight to survive.

Curse of Eternity sports stamina-based combat that requires you to dodge, swing, shoot, and cast at the right time, or else you'll get your face stabbed clean off.

And did we forget to mention our epic boss fights? Yeah, we have plenty of those.

Explore a Dangerous World

Behind you? A room full of monsters you've just escaped from.

Your right? A narrow bridge with traps to knock you off and a sniper to murder you.

Your left? A locked room you haven't found the key for just yet.

Up ahead? A boss fight you know you're not ready for.

We've handcrafted a beautiful world with every nook and cranny made just for you to enjoy. Painfully.

Intricate Class Customization

So you like to...

... beat things? We've got the Gladiator for that.

... slice things? We've got the Assassin for that.

... make sparkles? We've got the Mage for that.

... beat things with a pointy, sparkly stick? Don't worry, your base class is just a starting point. You can be a gladiator that casts spells or an assassin that beats things, too.

All builds are viable. You're going to die a whole lot no matter what you pick, so make whatever you want!

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